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Am I overthinking?

been talking to a guy off bumble, and I feel like he's out of my league.

he works in IT, and is very smart. has his own apartment. he's got a solid ass job.

he's been trying to get to know me, he hasn't been pervy or too forward with anything. he seems very intellectual.

but me? I'm a fat chick with major anxiety. And no man really wants a larger chick. like I worry he's gonna turn out to be a different man with a different life. My mind wanders about this... like does he have a secret life he's not telling me about? is he secretly a serial killer or r1pest.. or is he married? like is he being nice to me out of the sole reason of being a bad person anonymously online. I don't know he only talks to me when he gets off of work and doesn't ever message in the morning. but we've been only talking for 2 days
Am I overthinking?
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