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What should I do with a guy who likes me but is afraid to get hurt?

There’s a guy I went on a date with about two months ago, but in the end we decided to become friends. We met up again last night for his birthday event, and I noticed he was talking to my brother at some point. I asked my brother what they were talking about, so he decided to wait and tell me today since I was a bit drunk last night. Basically he told me that this guy is def interested in me since he mentioned to my bro to make sure I got home safe. He also asked him what my ideal guy is, what am I looking for in a guy, and other things regarding a relationship with me. Apparently what may be holding him back is the fact that he knows that I’m trying to have a stable and independent life (get a job and move out of my parents’ home) and he wants me to work on that first before getting into a relationship. I was talking to one of his friends about this too and he mentioned that this guy has gotten hurt in the past, so he’s most likely scared to date again. My bro mentioned to him that if we’re both interested now then having a relationship shouldn’t wait. My bro mentioned to me to keep my dating options open since nothing is happening now. In your opinion, how should I deal with this situation besides focusing on myself? I’m already good friends with the guy so it would suck just to lose him just because he doesn’t want to date me now.
What should I do with a guy who likes me but is afraid to get hurt?
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