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How should I approach her?

Hey guys n girls!
So this is my first post here and as you may read in my name I’m Mexican so sorry if there’s typos... let’s begin!

First of all ima give you some background of the situation: Im an introvert guy, it is hard for me to start and keep conversations about general topics, and as a “proof” of that I’ll tell you this, I never had a girlfriend, yeah at 21 yo
So I served a mission for the church in Brazil and I came back home in April and these months I was just chillin
But a few months ago my aunt gave the email of her friend’s daughter, so we could [and I quote] "get to know each other and maybe be friends."
Since this girl was also in Brazil we changed some emails about the place.

Then she came back a few weeks ago and I just added her on Instagram but I haven’t talked to her yet, so that brings me here today...
How should I approach her?
Obviously I’m gonna try to have a friendly conversation with her, but what should I do so that it doesn't seem like I'm into her (tho she’s cute) or something like that?

Thanks for reading this, I’ll appreciate your opinion
How should I approach her?
How should I approach her?
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