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Falling for your bestie😶please help tho?

I am a guy, I am 17 and she was my bestie from when we were like 14-15. I was always attracted to her and I think falling for her was not avoidable. I at last fell for her so badly I can't stop thinking about her. Like I always open up about my crushes to my bestie and she knows everything about me there is to know. And once while texting she was like _i would've proposed you if I hadn't considered you my brother for sure_ how could I have replied to her and what should I tell her if I love her so bad. Like she recently got a date this quarantine and he is my friend too. Please help i feel so helpless because she is the one who helped me with these and i have no brain for stuff like these. No matter what reply you give I would like it as I have more and more ways of figuring this out. I have not confessed to her and am bottling up and planning to never tell her.
Falling for your bestie😶please help tho?
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