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Is he not interested or could he be busy?

So spoke to lovely guy on tinder we hit it odd, convo flowed. We spoke Wednesday and Thursday. In the last part of our convo after exchanging 30 messages, he said to me talk later xoxo and said he was going back to work etc.
I’ve not heard from him since Thursday. Don’t want to sound crazy but now I am like he can’t possibly be interested in me at all?
He did mention meeting 3 times, but there is a month lockdown so it can’t happen right away. I really enjoyed talking to him, an found him very attractive and vise versa. I was last to respond to the message of talk later. I would never double message or act like a stalker when it’s very early days and no exclusiveness etc. I just feel bit gutted really.
Is he not interested or could he be busy?
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