How can I repair this between us?

Basically this girl I've known for a year I like, we started getting closer recently and have texted each other everyday since this February things built right up and eventually I asked her to go out somtime we did it was great, she said she had a good time, then it kinda went down hill, she got pissed off at something we didn't talk for a day but its sorted itself out things where okay again, we arrange to go out Saturday but yesterday I had a think about things, felt like she was messing me around and got really angry over it, and was pretty sh*tty with a few texts, she text me today asking if I felt better, I just said not really. eventually I decided to sort myself out and asked her how her day was, she gave me a blunt answer and x on the end normally xxx, I'm guessing that means in women ''you really f***ed me off'' anyway despite me being immature over nothing any advice to repair the damage ?


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  • Give her some space. It sounds like you really hacked her off and by continuing to text and contact her, it will just annoy her more. Just let her cool off for a few days and then after a bit of time, just sent her a message light and off hand like "Hey how are you? By the way I'm really sorry about how I acted, I was being immature. Hope you're OK :) xxx" Just something casual and she can't get angrry about.


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