Why do girls flake when I ask them to hang out?

Ill hit it off with a girl I like.. well text each other a lot and go out on a date or two and they almost always go well. I'm told by these girls that I'm so cute or hot or w/e and I'm really funny. But why is it that when I want it to be just me and her alone they almost always flake? is it how I ask? Ill usually say something like hey what are you doing tonight (after a date or two of course) you wanna hangout maybe watch a movie or soemthing... or we should hangout tonight if your not too busy. I don't know why these girls act super interested in me and not want to hang out alone ever! wtf man its happened alot... wats the deal? lol


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  • is it always like "you should hang out at my house tonght?"

    • Not at all..infact I never really say that. Ill usually say hey you wanna hangout tonight? or ill say hey we should hangout tonight if your not too busy (but that's if she's flaked on me already lol)

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