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Should I be careful or do you think he likes me?

I’ve been seeing this guy for the last couple of months. He’s absolutely gorgeous, funny, smart and caring. Because of that he also had it very easy when it comes to girls and has had his fair share of hookups, he’s had sex with about 100 girls. The amount doesn’t really bother me, it just makes me wonder what he think this is. We’re both 26 years old and he has had one serious relationship.

When we first met I got the feeling he was just interested in sex. But then we kept on seeing each other and he asked me out on real dates. He tells me he really likes me and 1-2 months ago he told me he didn’t like the idea of me being with other guys, so we’re only seeing each other. He asked me if I wanted to travel somewhere with him for a weekend or so, so when the situation with covid has (hopefully) calmed down we are planning on taking a small trip.

We both prefer talking on the phone or seeing each other rather than texting so sometimes we go days without speaking. Im currently sick with covid so we haven’t been able to see each other since November 1st. Last I heard from him was 4 days ago.

We have great sex, he gives me compliments, we talk for hours on the phone and he says he misses me when we haven’t seen each other for a few days. He told me that I’m not like other girls and that he really likes me.

With the information provided, what do you think? Should I be careful or do you believe he genuinely likes me?
Should I be careful or do you think he likes me?
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