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Is the relationship worth fighting for?

I've been dating this guy for a year now, he has this small growing business, since we have been together I've been working with him for at least 50 hours a week (i dont get paid) from time to time he will give me a bit of money. Im a premedical student.

Lately, he has been treating me really bad, he yells at me a lot, I have to beg him to hug me for 5 s let alone kissing. We have been intimate and thats the only time he kisses me voluntarily. He holds on to grudges and treats me badly if I mess up and makes me beg for his forgiveness. I truly love him, but I am starting to think that he is just using me to get to his destination. I've met all of his family members and even spent time with them.

For example, we were having dinner the other day after a looong day of work, we were eating something spicy when I took the first bite i started coughing really bad he didn't say a thing. Seconds later he started coughing too and I asked if he's okay, he said its the spice but continued to cough (he grabbed some water and drunk it).

So knowing that its the spice I didn't worry much, he didn't stop coughing so i went to him and I realized his eyes were red, afterwards he got mad at me and said that I didn't care about him. I apologized many times, he didn't care.

He said if it was another woman she would have been more sincere about her apology and said to me that he keeps realizing that he's by himself and he got nobody. I got offended and asked him then what exactly do i represent in his life then we might as well break up, he got even more upset and told me that he knows other women out there that he knows who "got it more together than me" and smarter than me.

So as a response I told him i know men who are more successful than him in every aspects that caused him to treat me even more badly. We fixed the situation after two fucking days
Is the relationship worth fighting for?
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