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What more does he want from me?

I started dating my boyfriend back in June. He’s sweet and caring when he wants to be but he has a temper problem and he takes it out on me verbally and physically. He has hit me, I have forgiven him over and over again. He gets upset and blames it on him not “smoking” or getting High. He’ll call me out of my name “bitches” “Dumb” he can be very disrespectful then when we’re together alone in his room he gets upset when I don’t make conversation but how can he expect me to when I walk on egg shells around him. I don’t know if I’ll say the right or wrong thing and if it’s something he doesn’t want to hear or disagrees with it almost always ends with him hitting me and attacking me with disrespectful words. He says dating me is like date a brick wall because I don’t open up enough but he doesn’t realize he’s the reason I don’t open up in the first place.
What more does he want from me?
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