Should I give this guy another chance?

Long story short, I matched with this guy on a dating up a month ago. He lives in another country and I was about to visit soon. We talked and agreed to meet when I come. But then he kept messaging me every single day throughout the day, and I reciprocated because I liked it. One thing led to another and I really started liking this guy. He seemed so interested, I was sure we were going to have a blast! We video chatted as well and did some sexting too.
Then few days before my arriving I asked him when did he want to meet and he suggested that weekend (kinda vague in my opinion but ok). I arrived on Friday and we talked as usual. Then on Saturday I asked him what are his plans for the evening and he said he doesn't have any plans and invited me to come over his place! I was a bit offended that he would suggested his place for a first date when we did agree before for drinks or a walk. He apologized and said that he doesn't feel like going out because he has a terrible headache, and suggested going out the day after (on Sunday) instead. I told him I a going to visit some friends and offered to see each other a bit later at 8 pm if that's okay with him, to which he agreed. But then the day after, an hour before our scheduled date, I texted him that I am back home and can go out in an hour. But then he said he's not home and won't make it tonight, offered a time two days ahead! I flipped and blew him off. But then he started saying things like he couldn't wait for me and didn't hear from me all day so he didn't want to risk cancelling his other plans, because he thought I would cancel. Anyway he is persistent now in meeting, he said he's still available today and hopes I'll give him a chance. He also apologized a lot saying that it was just a misunderstanding and what not. I've been ignoring him but I don't know, should I go see him today? I'm afraid he'll stood me up.
Should I give this guy another chance?
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