How to get kissed at prom?

im going to prom on Saturday with a girl I like how do I get her to kiss me the after party is a sleep over but she won't want to do more than kiss but I don't even know if she likes me


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  • Personally I like when the guy makes the first move,you want a kiss? you should do it-maybe during a slow dance when the mood is right or at the end of the night before she falls asleep or somethng?

    • so should I ask her or something and how do I know she won't deny me and I look ed bad

    • Hmm you could ask like 'is it OK if I kiss you' kinda thing,if she's going to prom withyou and all she more then likely won't mind I don't think but you can always try that(: good luck!

    • and I also really like her but 3 weeks ago she got out of a 2 year relationship but how do I give her hints thought the dance and after party tht I like her because if I say I like her and she doesn't like me it will b awkward between us

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