I never receive any text or calls from her, what does it mean?

So this girl and I were out with friends and found out we both had an interest in each other. I ended up taking her home and staying the night (by which I mean just sleeping after kissing a bit). The next couple of days we texted back and fourth; however. two days after that we never had any communication until I called her to see if she wanted to go get some dessert. We ended up talking for an hour and half and after a hug we left separate since we drove separate. I called her a day later to ask if she wanted to go get dinner and see a movie. She said yes. Anyways, long story short. Its been a couple of days since I called her regarding the dinner/movie and she has never contacted me. Most girls I've dated, I've had extensive phone conversations or text or Facebook chat with by this point. Does this mean she may not have an interest in me? I don't know if I should text her myself more but I don't want to seem desperate and I don't want her to think I am ignoring her. Am I just worrying about nothing? Also, I never actually explicitly stated that this was a date I was asking her on and just assumed she would know that it was? But now I am wondering if I messed up there because of the no communication?


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  • text her again, just once, if she doesn't respond she's probably not interested.


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