Is it just me or do people seem to have a problem with others dating someone way older than you?

people seem to have a problem with others dating someone way older than you. it seems that more people have a problem with age than if you date someone of a different race. why is that?


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  • for me the age is not a problem but its the race , because I'm from iraq and I was dating this girl she's white we've date for 3 months but I felt she didn't want me to meet or even hang out with her friends because they'll start giving her shitt about me not infront of me but behind of my back so what she did she broke up with me and didn't say why maybe she didn't want to hurt my feelings , I figure it out because she act weird with me esp in public , I'm sorry to bring this up but

    RACE is Fu**cking ANNOYING

    • You're so right. sorry that happened to you.

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    • If both of you are ready for this fight it will takes time and patience from you guys

      no one can tell the others what they should do or shouldn't do its our choices and our responsibilities to take the risk , good luck

    • Good luck to you too:)

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  • Well I have never dated someone my same age when I was 14 I was dating someone who was 18 now to tell the truth I was "in my mind" to young to be dating this guy . Now that I am 20 I am finding it hard to date a guy my own age because I act older then they do . I never really look at age but I can understand why some people would its not as taboo for someone 25 to be dating someone who is 30 . But if a 15 is dating someone who is 20 .

    understand what I am trying to say?

    • Yes. the guy I'm interested in, we haven't started dating yet(it's complicated) is 20 some years older than me. and when I tell some people they think that it's strange and to me he's just a man. if I see something that I like, I'm steppin' closer.

  • Well, then lots people are not racist and that is a good thing.