How do you feel about dating someone with a child?

Hello :)

So I'm a single mom of an 8 month old.. I've been single since before my son was born and its just now starting to make me feel a bit lonely.. Even though I enjoy being with him all the time and love him to pieces I still miss that other type of affection and I'm starting to wonder if Ill ever be in a relationship let alone LOVE again...My last relationship wasn't too peachy, it kind of left me a bit weary about guys altogether. Anywho, I was just wondering how guys feel about dating a girl with a baby? I'm not sure if since my babys father isn't in the picture at all if that would affect it.. Just curious and would like to hear some opinions, thanks!

Moloz- Long term, I'm over the random dates/hookups. I'm not bitter at all.. just hesitant.

anonymous- Honest opinions are the only kind I'm asking for, so, yes.


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  • below is from a post I made here on the same type question but is applicable here as well

    for some reason I landed on this page with a lot of the same question as you've posted lol

    let me tell some don't mind at all , for example I'm one, my wife and I have been together now for 40 yrs. she had a 1 year old daughter at the time I met her 6 months latter we were married. had two more daughters . have 5 grandkids 4 boys and and a girl whose the youngest at present.

    i think what I put here says it all on your questions. you said you wanted honest answers why or why not ,below is just food for thought take it for what its worth but*ts from my heart.

    i know what I'm about to say on this is not popular thought in most girls in your age group (18-24)

    the next guy chose from a differenttype guy than what your ex: was.

    most likely he was one of the following types of a type.

    he was controlling

    maybe abusive word or physical

    cheated (which also includes lieing(sp))

    he was either a jock popular guy / badboy type / a player / or just a plain jerk all share some if not all of the above traits and more (negative type traits that is)

    well what type of guy should you choose then?

    well I was back in the 1960's girls would discribe me as "that nice sweet guy with the wavy hair"

    ya, I was one of those nice guys that got over looked in high school by girls because I had the nice guy qualities. and we all know how girls in the age bracket of (14-24) what they think and feel about nice guys .

    LOL ...

    but consider this girls/women by the time they reach 25 or older (some maybe younger if smart)

    realize that the nice guys weren't such a bad deal all along. most of these guys haven't as a rule changed one iota from when they were in high school.these women 25 and older also state on line and encourage younger women not to make the same mistakes they did and love their geeky nerdy sweet nice shy quiet guys to pieces

    yet its also a proven fact that these same guys are better fathers, husbands ,and providers . also 95% of the time they do not cheat on their partners (they maybe at times cheated on but its rare)

    you ask for honest answers to your questions , these are I know pretty expliet answers and detailed to a degree. yet I posted my expierence on this and I am a nice guy which wound upo with a wonderful women to boot. is our life a fairy tale far from it we have our ups and downs in this relationship but we work them out.

    hopefully my post has been of some help to you make some wise choices this next time with a guy.


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  • Generally there's a little hesitation in dating moms from our side.

    Are you looking for short-term, long term or just want some feelings to be shared in the moment?

    The first thing that pops up in my mind is that a single mom is highly likely bitter about men. If that's not the case... then it's not really different from normal dating.

    The ONLY requirement I impose, if it's anything serious, would be that I want my own child, too.

  • I would have to agree with the guy who says you may have to look at men a bit older than what you were used to before. Most guys <30 aren't looking for an instant family.

  • If I was older like 26+ and was looking to settle which I probably would around that age and really liked you that wouldn't bother me too much. Its better that the dad isn't in the picture because that will make it a little akward. So unless your willing to date a fair bit older ( 6 years + ) I'm not sure youl have a lot of luck

    • the only reason I say that about you to is that it wasn't a teen pregnancy then I would assume she's a dumb bitch and wouldn't go near you

  • It will be a rare man, especially at your age, who would want to date a woman with a child. Kids pretty much command all your time. And then when they get old enough to look after themselves, they create different issues for suitors.

  • It wouldn't bother me one bit. I've dated girls with kids. Kinds makes things easier.

  • Well first off congratulations on bringing a new lie into this world. =)

    Sad to say this happens way to often, and I won't go into what I think the babies fathers problem is cause 9/10 times it is simply a matter of growing the hell up, and respecting that YES being a dad is a responsibility, an awesome one. It's a gift for gods sake.

    Little momma's boys need not apply and to all the punks out there who do this :

    *points* The application line for McDonald's is right over there...

    Ok sorry could rant all day about this lol. But please do not give up on the rest of us guys. We are all not like that, and dating a woman, or having a long term serious commitment to a woman with a child (age never mattered to me, younger ones are more fun tho lol) is just as awesome (if not more to be honest) then dating a woman who has no children.

    I say this because a woman with a child has her priorities straight. She understands that playing games is not going to cut it. She is looking for a serious relationship, and will take a good,decent, hard working guy who (even before a ring is presented) already is a great partner and husband and good father, over some player who ha got the looks but not the brains.

    She basically has no time for bs. kids are a full time job. And that makes her awesome =)

    So the answer is yes =)

    And congratulations again.

  • Do you appreciate radical Honesty?


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