Girls, why did she add me then her boyfriend made her delete me?

We met 3 years ago at college, it was clear we was both attracted to each other (always looking at each other and flirting etc) . Whenever I spoke to other girls , i could see it annoyed her which made me feel bad because i didn’t speak to her. I was nervous to talk to her. But then Forced my self to speak with her even though I was shy. We got along fine but she was very shy. So every week I would sit with her at lunch, and eat and talk. It was clear to me she was attracted, also she would speak about me to her friends a lot when I’m around. She didn’t tell me she had a boyfriend. She started acting kinda hot and cold. So I stopped wanting to associate with her and I found out she secretly had a boyfriend. I stopped eating lunch with her which seemed to upset her I avoided her for months.

When I returned we told to attend a group meeting and was placed together. We both smiled. But then she seemed weird like constantly staring at the walls and looking upset but then staring at me if I’m joking with my friends laughing.
I got told her boyfriend was controlling and he made her study at a closer uni and not have social media and things. The last day of college I sat with her and said I’f it didn’t work out with boyfriend I wanted to date her, but she wouldn’t add my social media because her boyfriend would find out. her boyfriend questions every guy and makes her delete them all. Months away we moved on to uni. I decided to try adding her anyway on Facebook and Instagram. She had me pending for ages. she accepted then blocked and unblocked me because she was scared he would question it. I re added her she left me pending for a while and then added me out of nowhere When she split up with him. Then a month later got back with him. I liked one of her photos. then he started stalking my Instagram, then a few days later she deleted me. Why did he make her delete me?
Girls, why did she add me then her boyfriend made her delete me?
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