He is too emotional and financially immature?

There’s this guy since February I knew. he was really nice and sweet I met at work. well I started falling for him. well a couple months down the road I started to realize things about him like his relationship with his mom wasn’t good. I could never be home when she was home or he would get in trouble and I was like why? then I found out his financially situation he has no money living with his mom and has no car. so I’m like ok. well I broke it off with him, when I found out he was a sex offender 6 years ago and he’s on probation. well he doesn’t have a good relationship with his mother because every time they talk they are screaming at each other. also he has a baby mama from a while back and paying child support. also his mom kicked him out back in October because of conflict and a boyfriend she has but I knew why she kicked him out. recently I found out he does weed and every time I go see him I have to drive him to buy weed and I pay every time since he has no cash. he says he loves me but I think he is just using me to get what he wants. he only brought food for me once and that when we first met months ago until I broke it off in the summer. he also has a job problem because he had like 10 jobs in 10 months. he keeps quitting no college degree either and he’s 30 years old. he said he is trying to do better he has his own place but it’s a jail cell and looks like a shack. also he lost his social security so now there’s a unemployment case because someone else try to claim it and his birth certificate. when I see his mom I feel her pain with his son he refuse to grow up while she has a federal job. I want to be his friend only but he said we are dating and getting married. I personally don’t think he is ready for anything like that. he acts like a ghetto like has no house training at all. should I just stop being his friend? I feel like the weed is impairing his thinking and when he don’t have gets crazy and upset. he said weed is ok but I know it’s not
He is too emotional and financially immature?
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