What should I say to my girlfriend with cystic fibrosis?

I recently met a girl on instagram, she's the same age as me, and we like a lot of the same things. I really like her and she likes me. The issue I'm finding is I live in Northern California, and she lives in Vancouver, I can't visit her because I don't have a passport. The other issue we have is she has cystic fibrosis, which is a chronic illness affecting the lungs, the illness is terminal and, she's expected to live into her 50's, she requires constant care, and I can't be there to support her. We have been messaging back and forth for 3 months, I keep trying to convince her to do a video chat so we can see each other face to face, but she gets really nervous just as I'm going to start the call and she leaves before I can start it. She's very concerned about her appearance, she doesn't like the look of her scars from surgeries and other things, I don't really care about her appearance I like her personality. She recently got a tracheostomy tube, which is a tube that goes through a hole in her neck to her airway, it helps her to breath a bit better. I love her a lot, and she has been a major help to my mental heath during the pandemic, I get very depressed a lot, mostly because I'm Bipolar, and she always makes me super happy when I get a text from her. Do any of you have any ideas of things I can say to her make her to get her to do a virtual date with me?
What should I say to my girlfriend with cystic fibrosis?
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