Would you date a reformed radical and racist?

MY mother, aunt, several female friends and my 1st year of college (worthless women's studies classes) influenced my upbringing. That's all I ever knew.

The very first thing my mother ever told me about guys (I was 4 at the time) was that I could tame him. She used to make me repeat the phrases ''I got the power to tame a boy''. Then immigrants (esp the native Spanish speakers that knew little or no English after 10+ years) were hated in the household.

So what changed me? Not going into details but I had an accident 3 years ago and if it wasn't for a Mexican guy, I'm not sure if I would be here typing today. He had a strong accent (spoke in broken English with some Spanish) but I did managed to understand a couple Spanish words too. I have him as a friend on fb till this day.

So let's say we're dating and you knew I was like that in the past (not anymore though), would you date me?
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1 y
I can't change the past nor take back the times I've mistreated others. All I can do is use this second chance at life for the better.
Would you date a reformed radical and racist?
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