Should I be dating this Man?

Should I be dating this Man?
I register on a dating app not for purpose of dating but only to do Live-streaming and make friends. Suddenly, there was a man who chatted me there and he was extremely handsome and living in our City. I was bit curious about him and he wanted to date me even saying he wants me to be his girlfriend. However, I got confused of him because he is sometimes very interested and sometimes disappears all of the sudden. He chats me everyday but it is too small conversation like just hello hi and that’s all. I am not confident if he is taking me seriously.

We are going to be meeting next week. What do you think guys is his real intention? Do you think I should be dating with him?
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1 y
I really got annoyed when he is online but it takes him long to respond or even reply small.
Should I be dating this Man?
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