Did I screw up royally?

I was ghosted by my partner of 5 months about a month ago, in the past month i tried to reach out via text 4 times and 2 attempted phone calls that he didn’t answer, 2 messages and one phone call were in the first week after he disappeared, then there was 1 message and one phone call the 2nd week and one message in the 3rd week, none of these messages asked what happened, they all just basically said I hope you are ok and I would appreciate if he told me if he were no longer interested.. as it had been a month since he ghosted me and I was just so confused as things were actually going really good, I decided to call him from a friends phone because I knew he would answer, he did, he told me that he has always been bad at communicating how he feels and when I asked why he disappeared when he promised he wouldn’t he said he couldn’t tell me, he was just under a lot of pressure at work and yeh, I asked him how long he felt like this and he couldn’t/wouldn’t tell me.. I actually still really like him and really miss him.. did I screw up any chance of getting him back by calling him from my friends phone?
Did I screw up royally?
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