Do you think he's lying or telling the truth?


I was sleeping and my boyfriend was doing homework. Sometimes I wake up for 10 seconds then go back to sleep. I did this at least 4 times this night... well one of the times I woke up my boyfriends on his phone and says, "This girl is sooo😍". I didn't say anything.. until I did I asked if he's in love with her, I asked her if he wants to be with her. He kept reassuring me and telling me he doesn't know any female that I am talking about. He keeps saying he doesn't know. I dont believe him. I wanna break up with him but I dont and can't. Before all of this I showed him a text of a lady telling me and asking me if I had a boyfriend... and she has someone for me. I don't know if he did all this to make me jealous. If he did it worked
Do you think he's lying or telling the truth?
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