Telling girl how I feel?

Well I recently got this woman's number, and have been trying to really talk to her. I have been getting some advice to just tell how that I am attracted to her, and that I want to get to know her and so forth. In addition, that I should keep pursuing her, if I really like her (even though she might not show interest right away). I am not used to that, in terms of telling a girl straight up. I always thought that asking for her number is an indication, and saying that we should hang out. Not to mention, if a girl doesn't really show interest to leave her alone. This leads into the other piece of advice, because I was told to change my way of going after a girl. I need some more advice. I am going to try and call her later today and try this advice. Lastly, I don't know what to really say after I would say that. I need help with this. Thanks in advance.
Telling girl how I feel?
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