Why do you think women misjudge the appearance of other women so often?

In the above video experiment from Jubilee, where a group of 5 women is asked to arrange themselves in order of how attractive they perceive each other as, we can observe an interesting phenomenon that I believe many, especially guys, have probably noticed happening in real life:
Women rate other women very wrong in terms of their appearance.

Or let's switch "very wrong" for "opposite of what most men would actually rank them like".

I believe most men would immediately agree that the Asian girl is by far the most attractive, even if none of these ladies is particularly attractive in general, but she ends up being ranked dead last by the other women.

As another Youtuber has expressed in reaction to this video, that I can definitely agree with:
There seem to be two types of women- the attractive women, and the kind of women who women think are attractive.

Why do you think this is?
And have you also observed this effect in real life?

Would you say that women often rate other women opposite of what men would rate them because they are naturally attracted to masculine features and are mistakenly perceiving these features as attractive in other women (while most men certainly do not)?
Or do women subconsciously assume which women are attractive but choose to rate them poorly out of jealousy?
Why do you think women misjudge the appearance of other women so often?
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