She dont know what she wants?

So I've been talking to this woman for about 2 weeks now. We hit it off from the start. The chemistry is there. However, things went too far on our 1st date. We did everything except have sex. Things have been a roller coaster at best. My birthday was on November 5th. She brought a cupcake and a card. However, when she left we just hugged. She later brought up the fact I didn't try to kiss her earlier when she saw me. I told her I wanted to but didn't. She said thank you. I'm kinda glad you didn't. I feel we're rushing things. So we've slowed things down. We talk and text daily and when we see each other we hold hands, kiss, all the dating stuff people do. Problem is she don't know what she wants. We met through a mutual friend. She's still married, but separated with no chance in hell of getting back together with her ex. One day she wants to make it official and us be a couple, then next she don't. I've noticed on her FB that she post about going to bed alone and single sucks. I've told her that I want to be with her. She approves. Question is, what would you do in this type of relationship? Ps she 20 questions me if I don't text her or answer her after so long.
She dont know what she wants?
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