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Girls, What are women doing on dating apps?

I went ahead and deleted all my dating profiles, because women on dating apps just treat you like shit. At first, I thought the app would stop messages from being sent after a while, and that's why I'd start a conversation with someone and it would go dead on there end, but it's just that they don't care at all about how that may effect you. I was talking to someone and having a good conversation with someone and thought we were hitting it off, and then she stopped responding (which is typical) and I blamed it on the system. She eventually messaged me later saying she only chats when she's bored, so I guess she doesn't care about making a connection with anyone? I also got a super like from a girl that I was really excited to talk to, but after sending a couple of messages to try and start a conversation, she unmatched me. It just makes me feel so unattractive and really brings me down. We're going back into lockdown where I am so there is no chance to meet women in person, but women in face to face situations can be just as bad about playing games and treating you like a machine for there amusement instead of a person.
Girls, What are women doing on dating apps?
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