Online match is talking to other guys on the app?

So, I’ve been chatting to this girl for about 2 weeks now from Hinge and she’s very sweet, mature and looking for a relationship like me. Despite our brilliant connection she has admitted to talking with a few other guys from the app from day 1. No problem. I brushed that aside and kept on messaging her and talking to her over the phone. We have spoken for probably 5-6 hours in total. Two weeks later (today) she is still connecting with other guys from the app. This is bothering me because she has admitted that our convo is the best. However, I can’t help but think she’s talking to other guys in the back of my mind.

I know we aren’t in a relationship yet and I do not want to be controlling or tell her what to do because I’m not her dad. She has been let down on numerous occasions in the past and I feel as though she doesn’t quite trust me until I “Walk the walk, rather than talk the talk”. For god sake, we are having 1.5 hour conversations over the phone at a time and she’s still not convinced about what I am saying? Aren’t these calls basically dates?
1 y
I’m in the UK and we are in lockdown so no one can meet yet
Online match is talking to other guys on the app?
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