Does he seem interested?

I had a really good second date with this guy. We were having good conversations and he was stroking my hair and looking at me like he really liked me. Then he kept playfully pinching my leg and I laughed and then that’s when we kissed. He was like “ I think we both were waiting for this”. Then we started making out and he went down on me. Then he was like “do you wanna ride me?” So we ended up having sex and he ended up being late to this birthday dinner he had planned because of it. I felt bad but he said it was his fault and we talked about for sure hanging out the next weekend and me staying the night. He said he for sure would see me and so I was really excited. But then he texted me a few days ago and said “ Hey bb, I was sleeping with ac on naked last couple of days and I think I got the cold now. Little bit of sniffing. If it goes like this i will cancel the plans on Friday because I don’t wanna get you sick or something”. And I texted him today asking how he was feeling and he just said “Feeling better but let me give couple days to make it sure”. Does it seem like he’s being honest or avoiding me? He texted me that night I saw him and said “see you next week” so he seemed to be looking forward to it. Thoughts?
Does he seem interested?
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