Girls, Why would a girl block and unblocked her boyfriend?

My friend , her boyfriend is kind of controlling and manipulative for years now. I first started noticing signs years ago when her Facebook profile picture was over 3 years old. And hadn’t changed since meeting him. Then her friends would only be females. Also she found it hard to come to festivals like we use too.
then she started college and she kept talking about this new guy who she said was so sweet and that he had introduced himself to her at college and he was shy. She would always talk about him and he would sit and have lunch with her she didn’t even tell him she had a boyfriend? Her and her boyfriend started always having argument, then he wouldn’t let her study at her dream university and made her choose somewhere closer. I could tell her affected her badly. Now she moved to uni and she has been deleting her Facebook on and off , she has split up with him and blocked hom
numerous occasions. And he won’t let her have any guy on her social media and let her upload new pictures without making accusations? Also the guy she met back at college (nervous one) she lied to her boyfriend saying she didn’t know him and wouldn’t delete him even when the boyfriend asked. What is going on?
Girls, Why would a girl block and unblocked her boyfriend?
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