Why’s he not speaking to me anymore?

I’ve been seeing this guy for 9 months on and off. During this time his dad died and he’s had bad mental health problems. He does not work but he’s from an affluent background. We had an argument Wednesday night over a joke I made which he took the wrong way. He said that perhaps we shouldn’t see each other again if he annoys me so much. In hindsight, I think he just said this to hurt me as he knows I really like him. However, depsite this, the following day he was texting me like normal and arranging to meet up. We met up Friday eve and had a nice time together. He was being affectionate and everything seemed completely back to normal despite the argument which we didn’t mention. I sent him a nice text yesterday thanking him for having me round, and he has left me on read since. He hasn’t said anything at all. Normally we speak everyday. So am I dumped or not? :s I’m 23 and he’s 26
Why’s he not speaking to me anymore?
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