Why am I the one crying?

I met this "nice" guy who I thought was nice. We talked for some time and have so much in common! He would call me every day and we would spend hours on the phone. We also would text every single day. We finally met in purpose and he was very attracted to me. I think we started out as friends and he may have wanted a friends with benefits which I was adamantly against and told him so. Rewind to a few weeks later, he tells me he has feelings for but does not see a future. This really hurt me because I was wondering, so I am good enough to f*ck but not be anything more than that. Like I said, neither one of us had sex with each other. I sent him a text saying to not reach out to me again and he should spend his time finding a long term partner instead of wasting time with me. Why am I so upset about this when we did not sleep together? Am I being too sensitive?
Why am I the one crying?
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