How important is it for your SO to be intelligent?

Personally, I find intelligence extremely attractive. I can't date a person unless they are intelligent and able to have deeper conservations of things that matter. Granted, I enjoy celeb gossip as much as the next person. Still, I prefer talking about things like art, history, social theories/ concepts, and academic things, so when looking for a partner, I get bored if they aren't smart easily. It's no fun dating someone that can't stimuli your mind. But how much does intelligence mean to you in a partner? What kind of smart do you think you are?
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1 y
I find it really interesting that a lot more men care about intelligence than women, so I thought I would just add it here that, it's been proved a couple of times that usually the mother's intelligence plays a bigger role in how intelligent is growing up than the father. Seeing historically, women are usually the ones spending the most time with the child. How many people knew that?
How important is it for your SO to be intelligent?
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