Dating a guy you don't really like?

What is your opinion? Good or bad? I'm undecided because on the negative side, you could hurt them if they want it to turn into something more. However, sometimes you end up liking them even when you think you wouldn't and have fun. What is your opinion on this and why?


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  • Sure its bad, and actually a girl did that to me, it wasn't like dating (no physical contact), but she used to tell me how much she likes me and how much fun she get when talking to me, but the **** (I don't really like using such words) was fake and so evil, she harassed me and made fun of me I never really knew if she for a while liked me or not ,this happened a year ago my wounds didn't heal till now, I was surprised that I cried, since usually I hold in my emotions , I felt so much stupid. I was obsessed with her and she was my first love and she made me feel so confident about myself and every time I think about it I wish someone will do the same to her and let her see how painful it is. I'm not sure but I think the only way to forget about her is through marrying a girl that loves me and care about me, honestly my strong will to finish my graduation and collecting some money helped me to forget about her, the most thing I hate about people is when they lie, All people around me say I'm a nice guy and I deserve the best, I believe god is with me and he will give me what I deserve, maybe that was an exam for me to be careful and be mature enough and know what I'm doing with the right person and the right time

    so yeah if you don't like someone tell him from the beginning there is no chance to be in a relation with him before its too late and make him suffer


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  • First id say if you don't like him don't date him..

    But you asked a question about it

    Which to me means you might like him a little or at least think you might like him

    So my second thought is this..

    Give him 2 dates..

    One to get to know each other

    And one to learn about each other..

    After that he has no reason to be mad if you dump him .. Still sad but not mad..

    That is if you still don't like him..

    But my first thought still stands if you really don't like him and don't think you'll like him

    Dont date him.. Be strait forward and tell him you dont..

  • If you don't like him, don't waste his time, energy and money.


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