We kissed and he is being distant?

I have been friends with him for 4 years now. I always thought of him as platonic and nothing more. Fast forward 2 years later we lose touch for a year.

-December, 2019: We reconnected and started talking for hours on end, until 3AM about everything under the sun. It was great. He would flirt with me a lot and we decided to meet up

-March 2020: we hung out he cooked for me, cuddled and watched movies (NOTHING ELSE). The next time we hung out, I ended up asking him out, he said he'll think about it. Then covid hit, but we were still in contact.

-May 2020: we had a talk, he told me he liked me but we decided to just stay friends (reason being I need love in a relationship to be able to have sex, while he usually has sex in a relationship at 2 month mark)

-----He still kept flirting with me and I would keep it at bay since I knew I had to get over him, around this time I moved 30miles away but we still talked and called. He was also always busy whenever i asked to hang out.----

-October 2020: I got tired of it all I told him that we can't be friends if I actually want to get over him. He tried to get me to not do that but after 10mins of talking he said he understood. Then for 3 weeks there was zero contact.

-November 2020: He hits me up, asking if I'm okay (out of the blue). We ended up talking and he says I'm important to him and that he cares for me, he told me he wanted to come see me. He came, we cuddled and ended up kissing (our first kiss). He asked if I was okay after the kiss which I thought was cute.

I reached out and just talked about random things to gauge how we were, he seemed distant. I want to be with him. I don't know if we are on the same page tho. Any advice would be helpful.
We kissed and he is being distant?
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