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Help, did I get ghosted?


So I’ve been speaking to someone I met off tinder for maybe 2 weeks. At first I didn’t care for him but I like him quite a bit now. We have spoken on the phone for a few hours and I know he’s eager to meet up. I brought up a disclaimer previously that I want to delay meeting up due to covid. And he understood, I think he was a bit disappointed. We spoke yesterday and I mentioned it again and he said again that he gets it but he doesn’t want to have to wait too long. He stated that he wants to find a girlfriend and it doesn’t help having to only speak virtually. He mentioned his father is ill and wants to settle down, in order for his father to be alive in order to see him walk down the isle. I would at least like to meet him beginning of next year but I don't know how covid will be looking by that time. It sucks, I’m not even sure if he can wait that long. I am stern about wanting to wait and he’s more of a “life is too short, I don’t want covid to hold me back anymore” person. He texted me happy birthday this morning and I replied this afternoon. I have not heard from him since, we spoke a few hours this week, he apparently has an intensive job but typically takes 3-4 hours to reply during the weekdays. Suggestions/opinions?
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Help, did I get ghosted?
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