Met this girl online. Does her behaviour show interest or just friendship?

Please note we live in different countries.

She 'likes' me first on this dating/make friends app and i 'like' her back. I initiate contact. Quick replies, a lot of 'lol' 'hahaha' and emojis. A bit of playful flirting/compliments from me which she laughs at. I tell her i never visited her country and ask her where does she recommend. She says her own city because she is there. Just a very smooth conversation overall.

She then ask for my instagram and i give it.
She ask me to send her a voice message so i do and we continued on for a bit before I decided to end the conversation early as i had something to do.

Next day, i reach out again and things don't seem as smooth and she seems less responsive. Less questions asked and slower replies. However, each message is still quite long and detailed and she ask me to send a recent photo of myself.

Next day, similar. Some flirting on my side, she laughs and sends emojis back. I ask her to send me a photo and she sends me several. Her messages are still quite long and detailed and we cover some more meaningful topics where she shares more about the difficulties in her life (she's lonely, bored etc).

So what im struggling with is whether she sees us as something possible or just friends. On one hand, she seems interested with long messages, photos and opening up her difficulties. On the other hand, she replies slow and leaves messages unread. Is she playing hard to get and doesn't want to seem desperate?

So is this worth pursuing or not? If so, what should i do next, voice call, video call? I know texting only won't work long term. I dont think i have it in me to invest my heart into it only to be disappointed in the end.

Extra notes.
- Conversations can end abruptly as it gets late. She leaves msgs unread but i see her online. She replies in the morning but i also reply hours later as im asleep.
- Her voice sounds higher pitched in her voice msgs to me compared to her voice in her posts.
Yes, she's interested.
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Met this girl online. Does her behaviour show interest or just friendship?
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