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Guys, is he just flirting for fun?

So I met this guy a couple of weeks ago at work it was by your confidence like four or three times each time we met by chance we had this amazing talks he and I have a lot of things in common we share a lot of the same views and everything on our last encounter I was gonna sit alone he asked if I wanna join them and he was very keen on having me around also when we were heading home he asked for me to wait a bit so that he can finish work and then he would drive me and he insisted on driving me home I really felt like he kindda likes me because he showed interest in a lot of things he gave me a compliment and he was very helpful with me so I added him on Facebook but accepted the friend request like the second day it has been like over a week now but he didn’t text or like my posts or anything although I see him liking other girls post on Facebook so is he interested or i misread stuff.
Guys, is he just flirting for fun?
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