I have a crush on a man 31 years older than me?

I met him over a year ago at a wine tasting and we got it off really fast. My mom’s friend introduced him to me and we clicked instantly and chatted the entire night away. I got his phone number and we actually started teaching a small non profit organization together. We saw each other every weekend. He would make a lot of sex jokes around me and admit to purposely trying to make me blush but I didn’t think much of it because he does live with a male roommate. I just assumed he was gay. One day we were sitting in his car and he told me how he wouldn’t be surprised if there were little Gregory’s running around (Gregory is not his actual name I’m just using it to protect his real name). I asked him if he was gay and he said “no I’m not gay. I never considered myself gay...”. I asked him about his roommate and he said that his roommate was just his best friend. They don’t do anything physical together. No kissing, no cuddling, no holding hands, they sleep in separate rooms, etc... just 2 male friends living together. Him and I have done a lot together. Shopping, baked cookies for Christmas, he treated me to a dinner and movie at his house one night, and he even bought me a Michael Khors bag just because. He wanted to take me around NYC to see the sights (other than Broadway and Times Square) and drive around and look at Christmas lights together. I haven’t been able to see him much lately because of COVID-19 and because he works from home and doesn’t stop working until 11:30pm and his weekend are completely booked because those are the only 2 days he can actually get stuff done around the house (his roommate teaches a non profit organization over the weekend so it’s only “Greg” home). I miss him. What do I do?
I have a crush on a man 31 years older than me?
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