How do you know when someone’s playing games?

What are the clear signs that a person isn’t interested in you? I met someone a few weeks ago and that person seemed interested, but I’m slowly getting away from online dating because what I find is people want to play games and string you along on online dating apps. Normally if the conversation isn’t consistent or any interest is shown from that person I say after a few days or a few meets / I move on ASAP no questions asked. I don’t change my number , we barely talk and I don’t respond to you’re texts or phone calls anymore. Anyways, this person started to get busy and is always complaining about not feeling well. It seems I’m initiating the conversations and communications now. I’m seeing this person on the dating app ( online ) where we met. I’m on one paid dating app which is better because I can filter out how I want to meet people and who. I’m giving that a trial right now , but not a fan of online dating apps.
I see the red flags with this person and we’ve met a few times; nothing sexually happened yet. The red flags are the lack of communication and consistency ; the person can be sick true enough. I technically moved on , but was curious about the intentions of the person if that makes any sense.
1 y
She’s clearly not interested in a relationship or anything serious that’s fine. She can’t be that sick if she’s on an online dating app
How do you know when someone’s playing games?
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