Is being overweight actually a turn off?

I have always been somewhat of a thicker girl, slightly overweight, size 12. But I really never have been turned down for a date simply due to my weight. I've went out of lots of guys, had a lot of fwbs in the past. Currently i really like this guy. He knows it too. I went over to his house and he tried to hug or touch me. I freaked out because i gained 10 pounds over the past 2 weeks. I cried out "i gained weight. please don't touch me!" and shoved him away. He didn't care and still grabbed onto my waist and hugged me. I felt so embarrassed because my belly had gotten bigger. It didn't seem like he minded at all.

is being overweight really as unattractive as the media makes it seem? I literally never had problems dating at all.
Is being overweight actually a turn off?
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