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Thoughts on this situation?

So me and my boyfriend of 5 years are wanting to get our own place and he’s been looking at apartments and making a list of what he wants/likes but is not asking me if I like them and basically just not including me in any of it. Well now he’s threatening to leave me if I don’t choose from the list he has of places and I’m forced to choose only ones that he wants and I have no say in the matter. I’m not sure how to handle this situation because I love him. For the past 5 years we been together he always lived with his parents and thinks If I don’t choose one I don’t want to move out of his parents when that’s not the case. Then I’m high risk so I don’t go anywhere during COVID and the one that’s left that is available he’s trying to force me to go in person and apply and all this and put a 400 deposit down on a place that neither of us have even seen.
Thoughts on this situation?
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