Girl Friend advice?

Bit of a story but it's between me and and a girl mate I have in uni.
Background: So I'm quite a shy guy, especially around girls. I've never had a girlfriend or really talked to a girl that way, and I'm not the best looking but I've been told I'm nice. The girl is honestly stunning and had been with many guys.

So in uni she came up to me one class and started talking and that's how this began. Outside of uni she'd normally instigate conversations on messenger or Snapchat. When lockdown over summer happened I didn't speak to her in like 6 months because I didn't want to message in case she didn't want to (I'm insecure). Then she started talking to me, and always pops up like over Christmas last year when she went home abroad.
She also said recently about meeting up for coffee and prior to that last year said about doing something over the weekend.
Is she into me? Or what does all this mean?
Again I'm like a 4/10 and she's an easy 9 but 10/10 for me.
Any advice would be great!
Girl Friend advice?
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