How to choose between two guys?

So the first one I've had a thing with for about a month now.Hes been my friend for a few years,and I've always had a thing for him. He tells me he likes me back, but I don't really know how much. We're the same age. He has a really good job, he drives. Not only is he hot as hell,but he's an amazing person. he's so sweet to me,and he's nice to everybody else he meets as well. But the problem with him, is that lately he hasn't been able to hangout becuase he's ALWAYS working. Oh..and that we've already had sex before XD lol

But the other one...He goes to a different school. he's a senior,so he's going to college in the I probably would never see him. I met him a few months ago,and we totally hit it off right away,I feel like I've known him longer then I actually have. He doesn't smoke or drink like the other one. he's just a really nice guy too.

ughhhhhh..what would you do?



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  • Flip a coin. Don't bother looking at it. Once you flip the coin, odds are good you'll make a decision about how you want it to land.


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  • I don't know the whole situation, but from what you said, I'd go with the first guy. Sounds like you like him, he likes you. You have a past with him. Just because he hasn't been free a lot because he's working is no reason to blow him off for another guy (who will end up just being a summer fling anyway). If you respect that he "has a really good job" than you'll understand that he probably has to work hard to keep it.