Will I ever have a chance at unconditional, genuine love or is staying single the route to go?

I am a single and childless 27 yer old young woman who works a full time job. As for looks... I guess I'm ok. From a scale of 1-5 I give myself a solid 3.

Despite not carrying any stereotypes of my race: (I'm a young black woman)
I still can't seem to attract the right guys and feel it's likely due to my appearance... I'm actually on the underweight side being 5'7 and weighing only 103lbs and just not really being the universal standard of beauty. I have noticed that a majority of my exes fell in love with me for my personality, intelligence and talents and most notable the ways I cared for them and who I am even though many of them admitted that I wasn't really what they physically wanted and some wished I was "thicker" and I'd be the "perfect package" which always hurt my feelings as a woman living in a society where women aren't seen for their personalities, work ethic, talents and skills but their physical appearance...

Guys my age RARELY approach me and when they do are on some nonsense... the only men I seem to attract frequently are either men with children or men old enough to be my father. I even had some of these men try to persuade and guilt trip me on why I should give a man with children, separated or divorce a chance knowing that if it was the other way around I would NEVER be an option and would be reminded that men will NEVER bother themselves dating a woman with children...

I also have been told that I need to expand my options and stop exclusively dating a single race of man, which was foolish of me to begin with so I started this year of getting comfortable with the idea of dating other races of men but honestly I stayed away because I'd never thought they would find me attractive enough to want to date me and see my potential. I just really need some advice and would like to know some of your opinions! Thanks!
Will I ever have a chance at unconditional, genuine love or is staying single the route to go?
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