What does this text mean?

Why would he text me a day after breaking up with me?

My ex and I dated for 6 months. the relationship was flawless. We never had a fight, only a few minor disscussions, we always discussed things, and it was great and we were very open with eachother..

he is 25, and I am 22. Out of the blue he broke up with me for unknown reasons. He said when he is with me he is happy, but when he is alone, he feels different. He said these feelings have only been for a few days, so he just broke it off. He was balling his eyes out, and said that his family, and friends love me, and everything is so great, but he still ended up breaking it off. It just doesn't make sence. He literally told be about 5 days ago that he is the luckiest guy out there, and that he loves me, and I am his best friend..

He said he wants to be friends, and I said not until I have myself together, and can accept being apart, and he said to let him know when that is. I got the picture, that I would text HIM when I was READY. He has been stressed with work, and I know there is no one else.

We broke up Thursday, and he texted me Friday night. He said " hey" and I said " hey" and he said " sorry to bother", and I said " what's up?" and he said "Nothing, just thinkng of you, and its a hard habit to break I guess." and I said "thinking about what?" and he said, "that I should text you when I get home, when I go to work, and stuff you know? "and I said "ya.." then that was pretty much it. just him asking what I did the last two nights, and I gave him one worded answers, but I am so hurt now. Its like I was doing so good without contacting him, and then he does it. We had a deal, that I would contact him when I was ready. My heart was beating so fast, because I love him so much. and its like I have to start over if it didn't mean anything. I know its only been 2 days since our breakup, but he already texted me? what do you think this means? is he realizing its a mistake to break something what was so good? or what?

We honestly talked about everything, were best friends, and this breakup came out of left field for everyone, and everyone is stunned by this breakup.


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  • this describes my situation word for word.. I'm 25 and I broke up with my girlfriend who I love and consider my best friend but for different reasons.. I cried too and can't stop thinking about her.. I feel like I regret it but at the same time know that its not gonna end with us together.. she wants kids and a marriage and I don't want that for a long time.. so at 6 months I figured id rather break it off now rather than a year or 2 down the line where we end up hating each other.. I want her to be my best friend but I miss laying naked in bed with her and everything else that comes with a relationship.. she wants to live for today and says we don't have to look to the future but I just can't figure it out.. my heart says one thing and my mind another.. he's probably just as confused.. let him figure it out.. give it time and time will tell if its worth getting back together


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  • Even if it means something and if he's having second thoughts, you need to let him know that he can't text you or call you whenever he wants to. Don't answer his texts. Then you give your relationship a chance. He might realize that he has made a mistake and come back to his senses.

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