Am I being dramatic for considering leaving my job over this?


So I requested time off in Sep for this week off 11/16-11/20. In October, I followed up with him and asked if it would be approved. And he said he’d need to check the schedule but I should be good to go. He asked what my plans were & I said they were still tentative but I’m wanting the week off. The fact that I requested this since Sep should imply that it’s confirmed that I want next week off. I check plansource & realize that it hasn’t been approved yet. He reaches out Fri to ask if I know which days I’m taking off this week. And I was like... I asked for the 16th-20th off since Sep. He was under the impression that it was not confirmed, I was missing the point but I can still get the week off. There shouldn’t be a ******* issue, this was requested in ADVANCE. I’ve been looking for work the past 2 months & it’s been hard considering COVID. This is mistreatment, i spoke with HR to get the policy on paid time off & did not complain. She confirmed that I was responsible in providing advanced notice, she provided the employee handbook & told me to keep her posted if not resolved with his director. I plan on letting his director know Monday before I head into work.
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Am I being dramatic for considering leaving my job over this?
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