Once you started dating, you can never stop it?

Yes i have been single for the less of my life cause i dont really try to find someone anyway. But I have friends that are always in relationships. For example, she broke up with her boyfriend a couple week ago, then there are these guys popped up right after, then months later she started dating again. The loop go on forever, its like they never ran out of guys, while the single ones are always single 😂 i found it to be funny seriously.
Its very normal from the place im from but my friends outside the country always complain about why i dont open up and try to date someone. I didn't close my door tbh if any wants to know me but its very obvious the the loops i experienced are real and guys only orbit around those, which i dont really want one for my own just yet.
They said dating is addicted, once you dated, its hard to stay single again, that why there are the loops. Do you think its true?
Once you started dating, you can never stop it?
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