Will I hear back from him?


I joined internet dating in July and I was talking to this guy for about two weeks. His name was Dave. He gave me his number to call him if I would like to meet for coffee. I didn't call him as I was out of the country for a month and I ended up seeing another guy for a few weeks but it didn't work out.

Anyway about 10 days ago I decided to text Dave ( This is 3 months later). I asked him if he would like to meet for coffee. He text back the next day and we arranged the coffee date for last Thursday. The date went great and we got on well. I found him good fun, polite and I was thinking he was someone I would like to meet again. He text me the next day. We were texting for a while and he said something like "I might see you out tomorrow night". I replied saying I might be heading out with the girls. The next night Saturday night I got ready and went out on the town with the girls. At about 12 o' clock I text him saying( "Hi How's your night going").He text back straight away saying "Having a great night I'm in Mixers Bar and I'm drunk".I replied saying "Im in the Haven and the music is great". All this happened at about 12.30.That was fine I ended up going to the nightclub with my friends .I never saw him there. We had a great laugh and when it was over I got a taxi home. Was in bed at 2.30am when he text me saying "I'm outside the Haven bar". I mean it's 2.30 am when he sends this text ( a bit cheeky if you ask me). I replied saying "I'm at home". The next day ( Sunday) I wasn't sure what to think so I text him in the afternoon saying "Hi how are you after last night? Were you hung over today etc etc". This was Sunday and I havn't heard from him since. I have text him and I will not be texting him again as that's a sign of desperado. Do you think he will text back? Surely he can't be annoyed over what happened on Saturday night? The way I see it is if he was interested in me he would have text me before 2.30am.

Any thought? Should I just forget about this guy? Thanks


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  • chances are you won't hear from him again. I'll bet he was at home the whole night, but didn't want to sound like a loser so he lied about being at "mixers" but I bet he was disapointed that you chose to go clubbing with the girls instead of invite him along! and I'll bet while you were txting him, you were flirting with other guys as well.

    from his point of view your prob a player.and as we know players are to be avoided at all costs cause all they do is break hearts

    • What a load of cr*p? I bet your a player like all the rest.

    • If I was a player, I would not still be a virgin at 39, I am speaking from BITTER experience. take it or leave it. its happened to me.

    • FYI, before you comment futher, I suggest you take the time and read my articles that I wrote.

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