Was this guy worth crying over?

I met a guy on Discord about 10 days ago. We were doing okay, getting along fine. And then I decided to open up to him about something that happened a long time ago in the past. I wasn't really thinking about it until he kept pressuring me into dating him for like the 100th time. Then I cried that night and he told me to go see a therapist and that he couldn't be a replacement for one.

I wasn't even treating him like one. I was just crying over the incident. After last night, I messaged him earlier today and we talked for a bit. Most of the conversation wasn't even really a conversation because he mostly ignored me for a stupid game he was playing. I got a little irritated and started getting nervous because I thought he was starting to dislike me or I don't know.

Then my dad ends up making me annoyed during the call and I accidentally take it out on him when I really didn't mean to. After doing some stuff for my dad, I come back to "You're too mentally unstable and need help, we can't talk anymore, goodbye." which had me crying the past two hours. I tried apologizing and tried to get him to talk to me again. He kept calling me crazy and saying I'm unstable? Then before I can send another message, he blocks me.

10 days were wasted. I thought I had finally met a good friend, only to be called crazy and be blocked. Like I said, the last few days mostly consisted of calls about him telling me how much better he is than most guys and how he's very kind and genuine and constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY asking me about relationships. And every time I replied to him, I always said "I don't feel ready to date, can we just be friends for now?" and he said that was fine. But once I told him about what happened in the past and why I'm not a big fan of dating, he pulled the "you're mentally unstable" card.

So was it worth it? Should I just forget him and move on?
Was this guy worth crying over?
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