Online dating: She says she's interested in men 21-28 but I'm 30?

An innocent question, want the girls take on this. So I've been talking to this girl on OkCupid. She listed on her profile that she's only interested in guys 21-28 (I'm 30). We've chatted 3 or 4 times now and we seem to hit it off really well. I want to ask her out soon, which I will, I'm just curious if you think my age will be much of a issue? She's 21 btw.


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  • lol not a big deal. go for it. if she's talking to you, t hen she'll probably be OK with that

    • Yea, I'm not all that worried about, but I found it to be a fairly interesting question. In all these dating sites everyone has the age they're looking for and often I won't message a girl because of those wishes unless it's really not that far off from my age or I find her very interesting.

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  • ask her out. age doesn't always matter if you hit it off


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  • If she's talking to you and replying 3-4 times, she read your profile and she's cool with you. Most women tend to read a guy's profile before even reading his message, from what I've read about those sites.

    • You sure? You sure you aren't a frequent user of "those sites"?

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    • Yes, that wouldn't shock me. A lot of these girls I know could find any kind of guy they wanted without the internet to help. So often they talk about wanting to "meet the one" but we all know that's bullsh*t. They want a d*** to sit on by a guy with a fat wallet. Or maybe I'm just bitter, who knows :D

    • I'm pretty bitter too. I remember when I was 100% sweet and genuine with women and they crushed it out of me. Now I treat them the same way I treat customers. Just someone to see if there's any potential for future interaction and totally unworthy of extra effort. It's more effective but it just sucks a lot of the fun out of it for me.

      And I've got a fat wallet, so that's not the answer. The whole answer anyway, haha.